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JOJO, since he was young had always admired and wanted to become like his idol, the MonkeyKing Wukong Sun! Wukong know many tricks, transformations JOJO likes the most! In this modern world where no magic exists, how can JOJO do transformation? He had an idea, which is becoming a model. He thinks that by turning into a model, it can let him transform into anything he wants, a tree, a crab, anything! Of course with his silly ideas, the outcomes can be either very successful, or very wrong.

In his thoughts he had partially become the Monkeyking, but he thought to himself, it is not enough. Again he ponders: “If no one knows I'm the Monkeyking, then what's the point of working so hard?" He believes that one day, he will finally achieve his dreams to become the Monkeyking that he always wanted to be. No matter how, he vowed that he would surely have his name be known in the lands across Earth. But until then, will everyone remember him, as JOJO. The Monkeyking wannabe.

The Team



Founder and Art Work Director of JOJO_MK



Co-Founder and Web Designer



Community Manager


JOJO The Monkey King Wannabe is a community centered project where all of us can enjoy the fun by knowing who and all monkey king related stories. Also we do not just aim only to finish our roadmap, but also continuously add more drizzle dazzle along the way like doing some collaborations with other projects to give our holders more assts in Cardano Chain

We recommend using Yoroi, Nami, CCvault, and Daedalus.

There will be 300 JOJO_MK to be mint, and 4 Legendaries JOJO_MK , A total of 304 of them.

Yes, all JOJO_MK are unique!

Join our Discord server and learn more as we drop a smooth and deliberate minting process for the community like how we did with the OG minting.

It's 40 ADA per mint, and 1 person can mint up to 5 JOJO_MK CNFT only.